Geoffrey Andrews


Geoffrey Andrews was born in Lubbock, Texas, but he’s always had an affinity for international powerhouse vocalists such as Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. Andrews, who now resides in Nashville, may soon be mentioned in that list, not only because of his incredible vocals, but also thanks to radio response to his songs. 

More than a hundred radio stations and networks played Andrews’ 2013 cover of “White Christmas.” His followup single,“You Don’t Stand Alone,” which is also being  enthusiastically embraced by radio programmers and listeners, is produced by award-winning producer/writer Michael ‘Smidi” Smith, who has three top-10 albums and more than 10 million records sold in collaborations with artists like Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Kesha, Chris Young and Eric Benét.

 “Not only is ‘You Don’t Stand Alone’ a great song, but it has a message that really speaks to me,” Andrews relates. “No matter what your circumstances, you are never alone. That can speak of the presence of God, family, friends or anyone who offers love and support.”

There’s a current of positivity in all of Andrews’ songs, as is the case with his autobiographical ballad “Miracle.” The lyrics are inspired by a childhood that included overcoming significant obstacles.

“I was born with bilateral clubfoot deformity. Instead of my feet hanging down flat, they were rolled up on the sides of my ankles,” he shares of the excruciating experience. “The doctors did progressive casting for more than a year, beginning when I was 12 hours old. They didn’t get the results they had expected, so they performed a surgery so I’d be able to walk a little bit and my feet would look cosmetically correct. The doctors kept saying if I walked at all it would be a clumsy walk and they told my parents they should get me used to a wheelchair. But God had other plans, and all these years later, I’m walking just fine.”

 Clubfoot deformity wasn’t the only obstacle Andrews faced. By age 8, he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. At school “I was laughed at, punched and spit on, which contributed to humiliation and low self-esteem,” he recalls “I believe God brought me out of those situations and it made me a stronger person who has a heart for kids with similar experiences.”