“Not only is Geoffrey Andrews a major talent, he has a great heart and a wonderful attitude," says Randall Ross, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church Naperville, IL. "God's presence shines through every time he is on the stage."

Andrews’ journey to the songs he sings with power and conviction was long, often painful and sometimes plagued byself-doubt. Born with bilateral clubfoot deformity, doctors prescribed progressive casting and surgery during his first three years and warned of the prospect of lifelong complications. Diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at age eight, Andrews endured bullying and humiliation at school.

But Andrews was not defined by the obstacles he faced. His faith and strength allowed him to overcome and ultimately pursue his passion to sing. Andrews' self-penned song “Miracle” tells his story succinctly and points to the source ofstrength that fueled his perseverance.


"Troubled days can stir my heart to fear...

I truly know He lives

I know forgiveness is alive

Though change may come in time,

He’ll always be there for me.”


Now this quiet young man wants to pay tribute to his personal miracles, using his remarkable voice to sing beautiful songs about life, love, and a personal God.