The reviews are in: listeners rave about

You Don't Stand Alone by Geoffrey Andrews!

"Wow, this song is BEAUTIFUL. The vocals are CRAZY AMAZING."

"I was pulled in by this song very quickly. I love it."

"This song is awesome…It is very powerful and entertaining."

"Very inspiring and captivating…I would listen to this song over and over again."

"Wow, listening to this voice is a pleasure."

"This song is just really BRILLIANT...The singer is incredible."

"Full of positive energy…Strong, powerful, unique."

"There’s a passion and beauty to this song."

"Wow, what an amazing voice!"

"The lyrics are touching my heart... It is a great song. This is AWESOME!"

"The music is wonderful, inspiring, moving and captivating."

"A unique and fantastic voice."

"The chorus was amazing. I will definitely add this song to my playlist."

"I am so mesmerized by the voice."

"The ending…just wow…I really love it."

"It makes me hopeful."

"We need more songs like this."

"Definitely a song I would recommend to my friends."

"I love everything about the song."

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